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Preferred Realtor Program

 Planning to buy or sell a home? Our Preferred Realtor Program offers savings and convenience! When you work with our Preferred Realtors as a referral from On Tap Credit Union, buyers will receive $500 towards closing costs and/or pre-paids and sellers will receive a $500 commission discount. Best of all, our Preferred Realtor Program provides you with access to experienced, reputable realtors focused on customer service.

 All members benefit from our low rates and competitive 0.5% origination fee. Shop around and you'll find we're one of the best mortgage deals in Colorado! Plus, we offer the convenience of free homeowners' insurance quotes from the On Tap Credit Union Insurance Agency to make sure you're protected.

 Member Benefits

  • Qualified local realtors dedicated to helping On Tap Credit Union members
  • Significant financial savings, including:
    • Buyers receive $500 towards closing fees
    • Sellers receive $500 discount on realtor commissions
  • Low, competitive 0.5% origination fee
  • No appraisal fee for first-time homebuyers*
  • Free homeowners' insurance quote through the On Tap Credit Union Insurance Agency

*On Tap Credit Union will pay the appraisal fee for first-time homebuyers only

Meet Our Preferred Realtors

The realtors we’ve selected for our program are all experienced in the Colorado market, particularly in Jefferson County, and have earned strong reputations for honesty, reliability and professionalism. Whether you’re looking for the home of your dreams or selling your current house, our preferred realtors are ready to help! Click here to learn more about our realtors.


Make Your own Evaluation

Because the decision to hire a real estate professional is important, On Tap Credit Union urges all persons seeking a real estate professional to make their own independent investigation and evaluation of any real estate professional being considered. On Tap Credit Union is not responsible for any services you may receive from its Preferred Realtors or from any other person.

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